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Selected and SOLD at RI 209th Exhibition

For a watercolorist, having your work selected for the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours Exhibition is one of the ultimate goals and something I wasn't sure I would ever acheive.. This is the 2nd painting I have had selected, but this time was even more of an achievement, as it also sold.

"Walk in my shoes"

Thank you to the selection committee at the RI, you have another dream come true for me.

I remember entering a painting some years back and soon realised I wasn't there yet when I stood in line on hand in day and was astounded and in awe of some of the other artists work.

I try whenever I can to attend exhibitions, not only to view the amazing works but also as inspiration as where I need to get too in my own work to become part of it. It keeps me going on my journey forward.

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