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Mastering liquid charcoal & watercolour

Join me in a 2-day exploration of this exciting combination of media @vandymasseystudio

Her October 2020 workshop on painting wildlife in liquid charcoal and watercolour was a resounding success, so Stephie Butler will be back in May 2021 to help attendees to master this exciting medium.

Stephie is renowned for her skill with watercolour, and more, she is leading the way with her watercolour and liquid charcoal combinations. Stephie will show you how to create amazing textures by combining these two mediums. You will learn to harness the granulation of liquid charcoal to create dramatic, impactful paintings. Stephie is an attentive tutor, so she makes sure that every artist gets the right amount of personal tuition. Spend two days immersed in the joy of a mastering a new medium.

What you will get from this workshop

You will discover how using this textured medium results in paintings of an impressionistic style. Every artist’s work is guaranteed to be unique, as a result of using the outstanding effects that result from combining watercolour with liquid charcoal. This workshop offers a mix of demonstrations and one-to-one tuition. Artists will be able to paint wildlife or portraits on either of the two days in order to paint their preferred subject matter. Pick your subject, and paint it in an entirely new way under the guidance of an expert.

This workshop is suitable for artists of all levels. Stephie’s skillful tutoring ensures that everyone, from beginners to advanced, will learn new skills. Join Stephie to exploring something new and learn the techniques you will need for mastery of the mediums.

Hear from artists who attended Stephie’s workshop in October 2020:

I really enjoyed the experimental use of liquid charcoal and watercolour and the beautiful granulating effects. (Denise Schoenberg)
Good balance of demonstration time and time to work Individually. Excellent COVID safety and preparation of the venue. Vandy and Stephie’s organisation of content and preparation. (Sue Bradley)

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