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SEAW Society of East Anglian Watercolourists Selected Summer Exhibition

Exhibition Open To Public: 27th August 2016 to 11th September 2016.

Lots going on at the SEAW Exhibition to see......Babylon Gallery, Ely. Programme: (Demonstrations will take place at 1pm) Wed 31st Aug: Chris Lockwood – Watercolour Demonstration (Landscape) Thurs 1st Sept: Sue Eaton – Demonstration: Texture in watercolour using tissue Fri 2nd Sept: Sue Heaser’s sketchbooks on display Sat 3rd Sept: Helen Clarke – Watercolour Demonstration (Flowers) Sun 4th Sept: Caroline Furlong – Watercolour Demonstration (Landscape) Tues 6th Sept: Anthony Osler – Watercolour Demonstration (Seascape) Wed 7th Sept: Vandy Massey’s colour journal and sketchbooks on display Fri 9th Sept: Stephie Butler – Watercolour Demonstration (Portrait)

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