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Honoured to be able to donate some paintings in support of this wonderful fundraiser instigated and run by the amazing artist and friend Vandy Massey

The Running With Brushes project aims to create and sell 1000 small watercolour paintings in aid of Care for Casualties.

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Vandy Massey



Running With Brushes is a very personal challenge to us, on many levels. In 2013 our son joined the Rifles Regiment. Over his year of training at Sandhurst we became increasingly aware of how much dedication it takes to be a member of our armed forces. We wanted to do something meaningful and tangible to support him and his colleagues. We chose Care for Casualties as a charity we’d like to support.

I set myself the challenge of painting 1000 watercolour images the same size. Before long other artists asked whether they could join the project and we now have over 30 participating artists. I am enormously grateful to every one of them for their contribution and enthusiasm

Care for Casualties

The Care for Casualties Appeal is ring-fenced within The Rifles Regimental Trust specifically to care for those regimental families affected by the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. This includes direct and indirect support and grants to help individuals, on recuperation breaks, funeral support and casualty packs. Read the Care for Casualtieswebsite to find out more about the charity, the families it supports and the work it does.

What goes to

Care for Casualties?

Care for Casualties will receive £15 for every painting sold (including Gift Aid). The balance of the total paid goes to cover the costs of mounting, packaging, postage and Paypal fees and taxes. The proceeds for each month’s sales on the website are transferred to the charity via JustGiving.

How You can Help

This is an ‘every little bit helps’ project. It’s a mountain being climbed one small step (painting) at a time, so no matter how small, every person supporting it makes a difference.

If you’d like to help you could consider:

Thank you to all our supporters who have bought these paintings. Running With Brushes paintings are now in the UK, France, Holland, South Africa, Australia and the USA. Where will they get to next?


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